The Internet is not global, but geolocated!

There is a brilliant book talking about the Web " Smart: inquiry on the internets ", by Frédéric Martel in which we understand well that there is not "an Internet" but "internets" in the plural and without capital letters.

The Web actually has global dimensions and contents. Movies, video games, scientific research, whistleblowers or what had been the "Gangnam Style"! But these overall contents represent only a small percentage of what we consume. The television images that we view on the Internet, the Press that we read, the conversations in which we participate, and even, to a certain extent, the music that we listen to, remain very dependent on where we are and the language that we speak. The global Internet is the exception; internet fragmentation is the rule.

Of the 7.7 billion humans on Earth in 2020, 5.1 billion own a mobile phone and 4.8 billion use the Internet. This process will further exacerbate fragmentation, with the arrival of internet users who speak their own languages and whose interests will be even more linked to their own cities.

So, the Internet is more and more local and we find ourselves facing internets!

It is to anticipate these transformations, which we do not yet feel but which are already there because it is inevitable, that we have taken this approach

We did not make our decision in relation to a book but in relation to an experience and facts. This book by Frédéric Martel and his research, only confirming what we had already analyzed.

Our approach has therefore been this: in this geolocation of the internets and therefore this verticality, how to come to represent and integrate the real estate we represent.

It is by answering this question that came, automatically, the need to create our agency A88 and its approach

Knowing that 80% of potential buyers consult the internet (the internets therefore) as a first resort and use online services and digital tools to make a real estate purchase and that this means is the best vector for a remote representation, we have set up the means to be present, from home, to a large part of these potential buyers, in their language, in a large part of the world.

Our personalized tools and a permanent monitoring of these internets allow us to follow the evolutions and optimize the representation of the assets we have in mandate. And in the case of exclusives we can go even further with much more selective and targeted highlights.

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