When we have a property for sale, we offer it to an international audience. Our representative offices abroad complement the distribution offer we propose in France by allowing us to decentralize sales to an international buyer audience.

We also offer these buyers a range of support services in the optimization and finalization of their purchase. 

Especially for those who have a particular project, we offer support services both during the purchase procedure and after. For example if work needs to be done, if staff is sought or simply if the property wishes to be sold.

A team of qualified professionals accompanies us and are at your service. We fully understand that new foreign owners may experience complications in different cases like:

- hire an architect for modifications,

- apply for a building permit,

- get special permissions,

- or just follow the renovation work in the property,

Not knowing all the administrative nuances, not speaking the language is no longer a problem. We are here to help our clients solve anything that may be a problem and to facilitate their welcome to France.

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